Our Repair and Restoration Services

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CAMSS chip free

Windshield Repair

Rock Chips - 1st $60
2nd $30
4th FREE With Card
Cracks - Up to 4 inches $115 (any larger size cracks, replacement is recommended)

Headlight Restoration - $130

Improve your VISIBILITY dramatically by letting CAMSS remove the YELLOWING and PITTING from your Headlights using our GLASWELD Headlight Restoration System. 4 Step Wet Sanding Plus New Surface UV Cured Coating.

Warranty as long as you own your vehicle


Window Tint/Film Removal

In the Province of Alberta, it is illegal to have ANY SHADE (unless medically needed) of aftermarket window tint on the front driver/passenger’s glass, and windshield eyebrows cannot be lower than the MANUFACTURERS ASA markings.

If you have purchased a vehicle with window film or just want old faded film and glue removed, CAMSS can help.

Front Driver/Passenger Film & Glue Removal - $70
Windshield Eyebrow Film & Glue Removal - $45


CAMSS can also replace or upgrade your existing headlight bulb or windshield wiper blades from SYLVANIA and BOSCH. 

Sylvania Headlight Bulbs Replacement Sylvania Silverstar
Bosch Wiper Blades Replacement
12 “$25

All pricing includes installation for most vehicles. (some vehicles may need OEM service)

Plus taxes. Prices might change without notice.