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Our Repair and Restoration Services

Windshield Repair

Rock Chips – 1st $60  |  2nd $30  |  4th FREE With Card

Cracks – Up to 4 inches $115 (any larger size cracks, replacement is recommended)

Headlight Restoration – $180/Pr.

Improve your VISIBILITY dramatically by letting CAMSS remove the YELLOWING and PITTING from your Headlights using our GLASWELD Headlight Restoration System.

4 Step Wet Sanding Plus New Surface UV Cured Coating.

From $180 most vehicles. Comes with a 3 Year Warranty.

OEM Wiring Harness Repair-Re Pin.

CAMSS Also Services the Automotive Repair Industry with OEM Replacement Wiring Harness Connectors that can be Re-Pinned or Spliced Saving Thousands and Thousands of Dollars in Complete Harness Replacement or Obsolete No Longer Available Parts. We Can Usually Have Connectors In 1-2 Business Days.

Please Email Clear Pictures of all Sides of Required Connectors to [email protected] and we will get back to you with an Estimate for Repairs.

OEM Connectors Range from $65-$470 Depending on Style and Type.

Shop Labor -$115/Hr.    Mobile Labor- $145/Hr.    

Safety Is Our Vision  |  Proper Visibility = Safer Driving

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