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Canadian Automobile Maintenance Safety Solutions “CAMSS” was started to be more than just a TENT in a parking lot offering windshield repairs.

CAMSS mobile drive-in shop offers NEXT LEVEL windshield repairs and headlight restoration using only leading-edge, BEST-IN-CLASS made in USA resins and tools from GLASWELD (

95% of our repairs are performed without DRILLING your windshield.

WINDSHIELD REPAIR is a convenient, cost-effective way to fix minor chips and cracks in your car’s windshield before they spread. By not replacing, you save the COST of a new windshield – recalibration of ADAS systems, and also retaining the Factory Seal.

If your windshield damage is not directly in the driver’s line of vision, chances are good that your windshield can be repaired. Another good way for you to assess the damage is to see if the crack is not longer than your credit card, then it can usually be repaired.

It is estimated that, in Canada, there are approximately 1.2 million windshields that are replaced and sent to landfills each year.

The first step in preventing the replacement of a car window and helping the ENVIRONMENT is to repair it, even though we have the technology today to recycle windshields, by removing the PVB (polyvinyl butyral film) from between the two pieces of glass.

We can still help by repairing and sending LESS windshields to the landfill. In today’s fast-paced everyday life, the simplest maintenance our vehicles require get neglected, like washer fluid level, tire pressure check, light bulb, wiper blade replacement, and more.

Major shops would rather book high labor jobs than minor maintenance, making it difficult for the consumer to get an appointment in a reasonable time frame for a basic service that, most times, is safety-related.

At CAMSS, we believe PROPER VISIBILITY is directly related to SAFER DRIVING.

The Eye Dr. always says VISION affects learning; we say proper visibility = safer driving. That is why at CAMSS, with any service, we will:

  • Top Up Windshield Washer Fluid (4L Max)
  • Clean Inside/Outside Drivers Area Glass and Mirrors
  • Clean Headlights and Taillights
  • Check and Adjust Tire Pressures

ALWAYS FREE to do our part for safer roads, so please come visit us at 14712 Shaw Rd SE, Calgary, Alberta or contact us to arrange for a tech to come to you.


Safety Is Our Vision  |  Proper Visibility = Safer Driving

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