Achieve Proper Visibility for Safer Drives

Canadian Automobile Maintenance Safety Solutions CAMSS provides vehicle maintenance solutions to car and truck owners. We focus on ensuring proper visibility while driving for the safety of everyone.

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What We Do

We believe that safer driving conditions for you and everyone on the road can be achieved with proper visibility. This is why we provide professional services that cater to your Visibility by providing Windshield Repair & Headlight Restoration - using BEST-IN-CLASS made in USA Resins and Tools from


Our Services

Our team of automotive professionals offer Windshield Repair-Headlight Restoration-Bulb/Wiper Blade replacement , and ALWAYS FOR FREE we will

  • Top up Washer Fluid (4L)
  • Clean Drivers Area Front Inside/Outside Glass & Mirrors
  • Check & Adjust Tire Pressures
  • Clean Headlight & Taillights

Let Us Assist You

Browse through our services to find out more and allow our professional technicians to assist you with your safety upgrades.